DIY Collectibles

DIY Miniature House/Tea House

I am always a fond of miniature houses because of their details. I came across this diy miniature tea house on Amazon and I bought it right away. I thought some of the furniture and tea boxes are premade, but I had to build everything even the thinnest pieces. At first, I was having a hard time because I am not used to putting together something that are too small, but I had fun. It will surely test your patience. Overall, it turned out beautiful. The tea house has lights and music box. Please check out Cutebee’s miniature houses on Amazon.

Mixed media

Wall Decor from Puzzle Pieces

This wall decor is from my kid’s puzzle pieces. The same ones that I used for the magnets. I used scrapbook paper to cover both sides and did some stamping and added distress inks. I also used antique bronze chain to connect each piece and at the end added some paper beads and charms. The height is 16 ½ inches and the squares are 2 x 2 inches. I am so proud of this one because I didn’t thought that I can create something like this from a puzzle piece that I almost throw away. It’s very beautiful in person. I added it to my Etsy shop and available for purchase. The piece is very light and you can hang it anywhere and it’s also a great gift for your friends or love ones especially for Christmas.